"Howley's Adelaide generates both vocal and physical humor"

"Despite her sniffles, Howley can belt out a plaintive tune like "Adelaide's Lament" and hold her own in a give and take number with Nathan"

- WMUK 102.1 on Guys and Dolls


"Howley makes Irene's girlish uncertainty about her place in the world quietly tragic"

- REVUE magazine on Good Enough


"McCarthy and Howley are both incredibly heartbreaking and totally believable as their canine characters"

"Kerr was blessed with two incredibly intelligent and committed actors, and the one act lands perfectly as Sammie leaves the stage and I broke down in tears"

- DC Metro Theatre Arts on Stay


"Ms. Howley's character shows different faces to her clients, her boss, Elwood, and to the dense target of her romantic arrows. These are subtle changes, as Kelly is a sweet and affable character, but Ms. Howley pulls it off"

- DC Metro Theatre Arts on Harvey

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